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Terms & Condition

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Farebarber Website, located at

Make sure to read carefully the following Conditions of Use before using the website. When users are using the Website or selecting on the button agreeing with these Terms of Use when this choice has been made accessible by you, that you accept and agree to be obliged and follow by the following Conditions of Use and our Privacy Statement, which can be found at as well as are hereby incorporated by reference herein. Anyone is prohibited from using or accessing the Website assuming that you are not agreeable to the Terms of Agreement or the Privacy Policy.

The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and all Agreements: "Client", “Customer”,"You" and "Your" refers to you, the person visiting our website and compliant to the Company's terms and conditions. "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", "Our" and "Us", refers to our Company. "Party", "Parties", or "Us", refers to both the Client and the company itself. 

All points or terms refer to the offer, acceptance, and consideration of payment required to begin the procedure for the delivery of our being of service to the customer in the most appropriate way for the specific purpose of meeting the Client's needs in respect of the performance of the services provided by the Company, in accordance with and subject to our prevailing law. Any use of the previously mentioned term or other words in the plural, singular, or mixed capitalization, and/or he/she/they are considered interchangeable and so relate to the same thing.'s only purpose is to help and facilitate customers all over the world with the preparation of their upcoming flight journey or vacations. By working with our online platform for all of your travel-related requirements, you agree to the guidelines and conditions pointed out below. The following conditions of use apply to all travel-related transactions conducted on the company's website, and are in keeping with legal requirements.

We want to make it clear that Users who are 18 years of age or more than 18  years and live in the United States, one of its territories or possessions, or Canada are authorized to use this website. You guarantee that you comply with all of the aforementioned eligibility conditions by using this website. You must not access or use the Website if you do not comply with all of these conditions.

User Representation

If a person, individually or anyone using this website you imply that:

  • Users must be 18 or more years old legally to use this site..
  • Visitors must be in a position to establish a legally-binding commitment..
  • Every information provided by users on the website is complete, correct and true.
  • Although the usage of this website is restricted, we are not limited to booking or managing travel on your behalf or that of other parties.
  • If there is any reservation which needs additional cardholder verification, it is subject to Farebarber ability to request supporting evidence. Customers should take care that Cancellation may occur if the required documentation is not submitted before the schedule date or time decided by us.

Using the Website and Its Related Account Security

Under our complete autonomy with or without advance notification, we preserve the authority to shut down or revise this Website and any associated services or information we provide publicly on or via the Website at any time. Whenever for any reason whatsoever all or any portion of the Site is inaccessible at any given moment or for any duration of time, we mean Farebarber company will not be held accountable. On occasion, we might only allow users, including those who are registered, access to pick and choose portions or the entire website.

Users are accountable for:

  • Implementing all of the components into position so you are able to access the website.
  • Guaranteeing that these Terms of Use are properly comprehended and adhered to by any individual who makes use of the internet in order for visiting the Website.

Users might be required to submit some special information of registration or other information in order to use the Website or a few of the features it offers. The accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of all the details you supply on the website are requirements for using the website. You comprehend that our Privacy Policy applies to all knowledge you give us, whether in connection with registering alongside this website as well as alternatively, which includes but is not limited to that provided via the utilization of any interactive components on the website. You also agree that we may use your information in ways that will be in compliance with the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Whenever you decide or choose a username, login credentials, or other type of personal data as part of our safeguarding policies, you please have a responsibility to safeguard any such data strictly confidential as well as are prohibited from disclosing it with anybody else or any other entity. You will commit not to give anyone other than yourself access to the entire website or any one of its components using your personal information, username and password, or other forms of security information and acknowledge that the information you provide is discrete to you. 

Your actions commit to let us realize immediately if your login credentials, username and password, or any additional safety information is ever hacked utilized against your knowledge. Furthermore, you accept taking steps to ensure that you actually close your online account at the satisfactory conclusion of every single session. Whenever using a publicly accessible or shared computer for managing your account, you need to exercise additional precautions to ensure that no one can access or record the password you use or other details about you.

Under our complete autonomy regardless of any reason at all, especially if we have reason to believe that you have infringed upon one of these Terms of Use, we are entitled to the right to take down any password, username, or other identifier, no matter if it had been selected by you or assigned by us.

Intellectual Property Rights

We means The Company, its licensors, or other vendors of the material in question own the Website along with all of its characteristics, the contents, and the features (including, but not limited to, every piece of data, software, text, visuals, images, video, and audio, and the design, selection, and other things), which are protected by both national and international trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, and various other related intellectual property or proprietary ownership rules and regulations.

Users are permitted only to make use of the Website for personal, non-profit uses according to these Terms of our website. Anything that appears on our website is prohibited from being copied, shared, modified translated into something else, executed in the accessible to everyone, republished, downloaded, kept, or transferred, with the possible exception of the ones that follow:

  • When you visit and browse such things, your device may momentarily keep copies of those files in local storage.
  • For the aim of enhancing presentation, you are permitted to save files that have been dynamically cached by the browser you are using.
  • For your own private, non-commercial use and not for further copying, publication, or distribution, you could be allowed to print a single print of an adequate amount of Site pages.

You can download a single copy of desktop, mobile, or other application that we make available for download to your device of choice exclusively for your own personal, non-business use, as long as you agree to be governed by the terms of our customer's license agreement for such programs.

You may take advantage of the opportunities made available by social networking technologies if we integrate them along with particular items.

You must not:

  • Users are not allowed to modify any versions of the site's content that have been online available.
  • Users can not use any images, photographs, videos, or audio clips apart from the text they are accompanying. We do not allow it.
  • Users are not allowed to remove or change any copyright, trademark, or additional intellectual property information from replicates of the content from this site.

Every component of the website, including any products or information made obtainable via the website, are prohibited from being accessed or used for any kind of commercial reasons. Please send your request to regardless of whether you need to make any additional use of anything on The website in addition to that specified in this section.

Users' permission to make use of the website will instantly end, which means they must either replace or destroy any copies they have made of the contents, at our sole discretion, if they print, replicate, alter, save or misuse any component of the website in breaking the Terms of Service. All rights not specifically provided for by the Company are reserved, and you are not provided with any ownership interest, right, or title in or related to the Company or anything contained on or obtained from the Website. Every single one utilizing the site that isn't specifically allowed by the aforementioned conditions of use is prohibited and may be against the law in terms of copyright, trademarks, and other matters.


Remember, The trademarks of the organization, its subsidiaries, their licensors, or other organizations include the business's name, particular phrases, the Company logo, and all names, logos, which means goods and services names, designs, and slogans associated thereto. Unless the prior permission in writing of the Company, you may not use such marks. The proprietors of all additional names, logos, services and goods names, designs, and statements on this website claim ownership of such items.

Prohibited Uses

If we discover or suspect, in our sole judgment, that you have been exploiting or intending to inappropriate use or circumventing our website, or are employing or seeking to use our online presence for any undesirable or generic use, through your participation in any one or more of the Unauthorized Uses mentioned below, we are going to cancel your account. Users can only access this site for legitimate uses and in keeping with the following Terms of Service. Additionally, we reserved the liberty, at any moment, to terminate your membership to the Website and every one of our services, goods, content, or assets. 

We keep the authority to come to an end your membership straight away and without additionally notification, as well as to initiate attainable legal processes or cases in order to obtain suitable alternatives and/or losses, which could include but are not limited to lost revenue, repairs, legal fees, expenditures, along with costs are incurred, and to look for prohibitions as well as other legal remedies that are equitable.

Prohibited Uses include what is listed below. You recognize that one or more of the following breaches might end up resulting in significant losses to the Company, and you acknowledge that you are personally held accountable to the entity in question for any such losses, and and you undertake to compensate the The corporation in any case of any allegations brought against the The business depending on or arising from the violation of any regarding the regulations that listed below.

Users are not agree to do or use the Website:

  • Through any other manner whatsoever breaks any appropriate federal, state, municipal, or international laws or regulations (including, nevertheless not limited to, guidelines controlling software and other information exporting between and within the United States of America or another nation).
  • To exploit, cause harm, or threaten to mistreat or cause harm to minors in any manner whatsoever, particularly subjecting them to incorrect content, demanding personally-identifying data, or inappropriately.
  • To get involved in any other manner of behavior anything limits or interferes any individual's use or fulfillment of the Site, or which, according to our experience, could negatively impact our organization or the users of the Website or subject them to harm.
  • To circulate, purposefully obtain, publish, save, utilize, or re-use any kind of content or graphics which is incompatible towards the content requirements established by these Terms and conditions of our website.
  • To imitate or compete alongside the The business or to ask for money or harass it or anyone of its third-party collaborators.
  • To send or facilitate the delivery of any kind of commercial or commercial material, such as "junk mail," "chain letters," "spam," is or any other type of similar solicitation.
  • To misrepresent or try to pretend to be the organization, a Company employee, someone else, or another individual or organization (including, beyond restriction, by using any of the abovementioned contact information or user names).

Additionally, you agree not to:

  • Usage the website in any way that could deactivate overload, damage, or impair it, or interrupt any additional party's access to the website, notably those who are able to engage in immediate transactions through the Website.
  • If the user is using any robot, spider or other automatic device, process or means to access the Website for any purpose, including monitoring or copying any of the material on the Website.
  • If a user accesses the Website using a robot, spider, or other artificial device, process, or means for whatever reason, it could be anything including tracking or downloading any of the content contained on the Website.
  • Without our prior written consent, any individual or group of people may use any manual procedure to observe or replicate any of the content located on this website or for anything else illegal.
  • Incorporate any hazardous or potentially destructive malware, trojan horses, bugs, logic devices, or other types of malware.
  • Take care to acquire unauthorized access to, interrupt with, destroy, or damage any elements associated with the Website, the computing device on which the site's content is housed, or any network device, a computer system, or database that is linked to the Website.
  • Denial-of-service or disseminated denial-of-service attacks towards the Website, and Alternatively, try to obstruct the properly functioning of the Site.

Contributions of User 

This site might feature discussion boards, discussions, specific web pages or accounts, forums, bulletin boards, as well as additional interactive aspects (collectively, "Interactive Services") that let consumers post, "Submit," share, display, or send information or resources (collectively, A user Contributions") via or through the website. The Content Standards established in the aforementioned Terms of Use must be adhered with by all Individual Activities.

You ought to view any user-generated Contribution you post to the website as informal and non-proprietary. By submitting any User Contributions on the website, you then provide us, our business partners, along with service suppliers the permission to utilize, duplicate, adjust, execute, exhibition, give away, and elsewhere make this content known to other individuals for any reason whatsoever. The foregoing license extends to every single one of them and our corresponding licensees, which successors, along with assigns in addition to us.

You acknowledge and confirm that:

  • You are the sole legitimate proprietor of any and all intellectual property associated with and the contents of the Individual Contributions, as well as acquire the permission to grant the above-mentioned agreement to each of our subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers of services, and associated licensees, successors, and beneficiaries.
  • Your entire User Content adheres with the aforementioned Conditions of Use and will continue to do so.
  • Everyone understands and accepts that they, as the user alone, and not the organization, are completely liable for every Individual Activities they post or contribute,including their respective positions constitutionality, security, its accuracy, and usefulness. Concerning the truthfulness or the information contained of any Customer Activities provided by them or other users of the Website, we cannot be liable or answerable to any other person.

Monitoring and Enforcement: Termination

We Contain the right to:

  • Remember For any reason or no reason, we contain the right to remove or disapprove any posting made by any website user.
  • We take any of the needed or suitable procedure in connection to any User the contribution the fact that we, in the sole discretion of our organization deem required or acceptable, which includes if we suppose that the aforementioned User Giving breaches the Terms of Use, involving the Information Rules and Regulations, breaks any of the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any individual or company, puts at risk the security of those who use belonging to the Site or the general public, or might subject the organization to liability.
  • if a third party reports that a document you uploaded breaches their legal rights, which might include their copyright or rights to confidentiality, you must share yourself or additional data about you.
  • Perform the needed legal proceedings, particularly with no limitations submitting any inappropriate or illegal use made of the Website to lawful authority.
  • Suspend or discontinue your access to all or certain parts of the Website without any reason, involving nevertheless limited to a particular offense to the aforementioned Conditions of Use.
  • Notwithstanding limiting the aforementioned, we reserve the right to refuse to cooperate completely with any governmental officials or authorities asking or instructing us to make available the name and address or other pertinent information of anyone submitting any content via or through the website in question. You let go the business, all of its subsidiary companies, applicants, and suppliers of services from any lawsuits arising from any actions taken by any of the aforementioned parties during the course of or as the outcome of its investigations, as well as from any actions taken as a result of examinations by either these organizations or the law enforcement agencies.
  • We are unable to guarantee the quick elimination of objectionable content after it is believed to have been submitted since we are not taking on the obligation to review anything before it becomes accessible on the Website. As a result of this, we assume any kind of accountability for our conduct or failure to conduct with regard to transmissions, communications, or information that may have been given by an audience member or other party. Whether the activities specified in the above section have been carried out or not, we are not held accountable or liable to any individual.

Standards of Contents 

Each and every one of Individual Submissions and their utilization of Participatory Services have to conform to such requirements for content. All related domestic and foreign legislation and rules are required to be complied with completely by Individual Activities. Besides and in addition to the mentioned previously, User Contributions are not permitted:

  • Includes any information considered obnoxious, dangerous , diabolical, offensive, violent, crude, indecent, sexually explicit, assaulting, abusive, insulting, bullying, defamatory, or objectionable in any way.
  • If you are Promoting violence, obscene or pornographic content that is sexually explicit, or unfair treatment of people based on their age, race, gender, nationality, or orientation toward sexuality.
  • Breaching any other person's patent, trademark registration, trade secret, copyright, or other rights related to intellectual property.
  • Breaches the legal entitlements of others, notably their privileges of information and visibility, or feature any details that may lead to either either civil or criminal penalties according to the rules or that may be in contradiction of our Terms of Use and our Statement of Privacy, and Be likely to deceive any person.
  • Do not Promote any illegal things, or promote, encourage, or offer any illegal act.
  • irritate, discomfort, or generate unreasonably excessive quantities of anxiety, and or become probable to intimidate, shameful or bother other people.
  • Misrepresent your true nature or relationship with a single individual or organization by impersonating someone else or by lying.
  • incorporate business endeavors or revenue, particularly exchanging or marketing purposes, as well as contests and sweepstakes, and other forms of sales promotions.
  • If this doesn't seem to be the circumstance, give the appearance that these products come either from or have been authorized by us or another individual or organization.

Violation of Copyright

Please send us a notification of copyright violation to whenever you find that any person's Contributions break your legal entitlements to ownership of intellectual property. Repeat violating parties are subject towards the The company's employees policy regarding having their accounts with the company terminated.

Reliance on Information Posted

The one and only purpose that a lot of the knowledge offered through or via the web page is made publicly is for purposes of generalization. WE DO NOT Confirm THIS INFORMATION'S ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, OR USEFULNESS. YOU ARE ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE Regarding Whatever Dependence YOU Have ON SUCH Data. We renounce all responsibility and liability for any confidence that is placed on such content by you, other web visitors, or other individuals who may be made aware of their features.

The material on this site features content that may have been contributed by outside sources, such as stories written by individuals, writers, as well as external licensors, syndicators, aggregators, and/or investigative services. Except for any material provided by the organization, any allegations and/or points of view mentioned in these resources, including all articles, remarks to inquiries, and other content, are the sole opinions and responsibilities of the person or organization that invested those materials. The things mentioned don't always represent the Company's views. The accuracy as well as content of any content given by third parties does not constitute the responsibility of us or the subject without any responsibilities for yourself along with any other party.

Changes to the Website

The information on this website may occasionally be updated, but it is not always accurate or current. We are not obligated to update any of the content on the Website, which may at any moment be out-of-date.

Details regarding Users and Their website visits

The Privacy Policy controls how we handled all the personally identifiable information we obtain on this website. You give us approval to use the information you provide in keeping with the Privacy Statement in all ways by using the Website.

Use of Information Users Provide/Telephone Consumer Protection Act Consent

You will be necessary to supply us with details about yourself in order to use the Website, though you are going to be able to save the details there as well. The majority of the information provided will be transmitted to our travel service providers, who will need it to react to your request for assistance. 

You are requesting and expressly consenting to be contacted by us and our Travel provider partners via telephone, fax, email, mail, text (SMS) messaging, notification via push message, or other appropriate means of communication, at any of your contact numbers or addresses, regardless of whether you are listed on any federal, state, or local lists, by providing this information to us or by submitting a request.

For the purpose of delivering services, maintaining the account you have with us, effectively addressing matters concerning your account, or for other purposes reasonably related to your request for services and our business, including marketing-related contact, we may use "Do Not Call" lists or registries. 

You also authorize us to make programmed and/or prerecorded calls to any telephone or mobile number you gave regarding our services, your service requests, and calls from Travel service companies who can help you with what you want. You consent to Farebarber and the Travel Service Provider contacting you via automated phone technology, such as autodialed and prerecorded messages, in order to get in touch with one another regarding your account or use of the Services, to let you know when new and already present functions on the Website have been added, and to keep you up to date on any current advertisements. 

You promise to promptly notify us if one of your contact numbers changes so that we can no longer reach you at that number. You guarantee that any individuals who are authorized on your account have given us the authorization to communicate with them as mentioned in this subsection along with that you understand their agreement to do so. You recognize that the termination of your account will not affect any of the consents granted in this Section. You agree that Farebarber or the Travel Service Suppliers may, with your permission and after giving you notice, record customer service calls for the purpose of assisting you when you contact customer support services. Please see our Privacy for a detailed explanation of how we utilize your information.

Consciously entering false information, including but not limited to name, phone number, address, or e-mail address, is a highly severe and fraudulent offense that might cause farebarber and the travel service providers enormous expenses and damages, including an infringement on private rights. To customers, as well as the waste of time, effort, and expense in responding to and following such fraudulent information and requests, as well as regulatory fines and penalties. As a result, if you knowingly enter false information in a request, including but not limited to someone else's name, e-mail address, physical address, or phone number, or a random or made-up name, address, e-mail address, or phone number, you agree to fully indemnify and be liable to farebarber and each travel service provider who accepts such requests.

Terms and Condition for Online Purchases

Additionally, there may be further conditions and terms that apply to particular features, services, or parts of the website. These Terms of Use are hereby amended to include any and all of these additional terms and conditions. Our Terms of Sale, and which are immediately incorporated by reference into the following Terms of Use, govern all purchases made through our Website as well as any other sales of information or services made through our site or otherwise as a result of your visits.

Linking to the Website and Social Media Features

Any individual can create a hyperlink to our website provided that as they manage to do so in a way that is legal, respectable and constitutional, doesn't damage our standing in the community, and does not knowingly exploit it. This means that you aren't allowed to create a link to our homepage, though, in a way that could be mistaken for a recommendation or relationship on our part.

  • Numerous social network tools may be accessible thru this website, such as giving readers a chance to:
  • Connecting with specific information on this site from your company's or specific external sites.
  • Compose emails including additional communications with particular materials from this web page or links to a particular information.
  • Allow a little proportions of this website's material to make an appearance or be made available on a particular one of your own or a number of third-party websites.

Users can only take advantage of those characteristics in the context in which we provide them to be available, exclusively in partnership with the information with which they have been shown, and in conformity with anything else that we may give pertaining to the aforementioned features. In consideration of the mentioned previously, you could or might not:

  • Generate a link using any internet address that doesn't belong to yours.
  • Require the internet page or parts of contents to be demonstrated that through make them appear to be shown, and depending on any third-party website, which may include by conceiving, deeply linking, or accordant linking.
  • Provide a Link to any page unless and until the home page of this website.
  • Commit anything else that contradicts any of the other provisions of those conditions of use when it comes to the content on the site.

You understand that it is our joint obligation to take whatever steps are necessary to stop any unauthorized framing or linking. Our organization reserves the right to terminate your permission to link without prior notice. We reserve the right to take down any or all of the links as well as social media services at any time, without warning and at our discretion.

 The content standards mentioned in these Terms of Use must be fully adhered to by the website you are linking to or the website you are providing access to. 

Links from the Website

Links on the Website that lead to outside sites and materials have only been placed there for the sake of accessibility. Included in these are links observed in banner ads and commercials as well as various other kinds of advertisements. We reject all liability for those sites' or resources' contents, as well as any harm or losses that might come from your use of them at all times. WE have Absolutely Zero Authority Regarding THEIR Information. Utilizing ANY THIRD PARTY web pages connected TO THIS WEB SITE IS COMPLETED AT your own Responsibility as well as It IS not Applicable TO THE AGREEMENTS AND Rules OF USE Regarding SUCH WEBSITES.

Restricted by Geography

New York, in the United States of America, is the state where the website's owner is based. We only permit residents of the United States of America and Canada to use this website. Regarding the Website's usability or accessibility to individuals outside the United States of America, we make no guarantees. It's possible that some individuals or nations won't be authorized to access the website. If you access the Website from a nation other than the United States of America, you do so at your own discretion and are responsible for abiding by local laws. If you are a resident of a country other than the United States of America or Canada, you are not permitted to transact business with or enter into partnerships with any person or entity.

No Agency Relationship

Whenever giving services via this website, the organization declines to serve as a middleman or fiduciary.

Third Parties (Other parties)

You must also make the Third-party understanding of every rule and regulation (including the aforementioned Conditions of Use) that apply to any products or services you purchase via this website, as well as any guidelines or limitations that may be linked with those specific services or products.In the event that you are using this website either for yourself or on behalf of a Third-party, you consent to indemnification and organize each Wrapping Party harmless from and against any and all responsibilities, losses, damages, lawsuits, and claims (including the costs of defense), arising out of the Third-party's or your failure to comply with any of its obligations as outlined above. Any request you submit, including the whole cost and any required performance, is entirely your responsibility. You agree that under no circumstances will the Company be obligated to issue any refunds. A person is responsible for any discrepancies in the accuracy of information supplied in connection with the utilization of the Website if you use it to submit inquiries for or on behalf of a third party, such as someone in your family or someone who is traveling with you. This includes, nevertheless does not limit to, the billing contact information and phone number of the debit or credit card holder. These must match what is listed on their financial institution's records.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Users (Customers or Visitors) acknowledge that we are unable to and do not ensure or promise that any documents or additional material accessible for accessing from the internet or the Website are free of viruses or other harmful code. In order to meet your specific needs for protection against viruses and the correctness of data input and output, you are responsible for putting in place enough procedures and checkpoints. You are also in charge of keeping a method outside of our site in case any lost data needs to be recovered. 

Regarding the website's accuracy, security, dependability, quality, accuracy, or availability, neither the company nor anyone else connected to it make any warranties or representations. Without limiting the aforementioned, neither the Company nor any person connected to the Organization represents or warrants that the website, its content, or any services or items obtained through the website will be appropriate, accessible, accurate, reliable, complete, or uninterrupted, that errors will be fixed, that the website that we operate or the server that makes it available are free of malware or other harmful components, or that the site or any goods and services or items gained through the website will be suitable. We means Disclaims All Liability For Any Failures Resulting From System Errors, Misdirected Transmissions, Failed Internet Connections, Delays in the Transmission Or Receipt Of Ticket Orders, Computer Viruses, Or Other Technical Defects, Of A Human Or Technical Nature. The Company hereby disclaims any and all warranties of any kind, including but certainly not limitation to any warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise. Any warranties that by law cannot be excluded or limited are unaffected by the aforementioned. We are not going to be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses, or other types of technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data, or other proprietary material as a result of your use of the website or any services or items obtained through the website, or your downloading of any material posted on it or any website linked to it. You use the website, its content, and any services or items obtained via it at your own risk. The Website, Its Content, And Any Services Or Items Obtained Via The Website Are Provided Or Made accessible On An "As Is" And "As Available" Basis, Without Any Warranty Of Any Kind.

Limitation on Liability

The company, its affiliates, or their licensors, service providers, employees, agents, officers, or directors (each a "covered party" and collectively, the "covered parties") will not, to the fullest extent enabled by law and disregarding anything to the contrary contained herein, be liable for any harm or expense of any kind, under any legal theory, emerging out of or connected with your use, or inability to use, the website, or any websites linked to it. 

Anything that is found on this website and comparable websites, alongside any products, services, or other goods or services obtained by using this website or similar websites, may result in various types of special, incidental, significant, or exemplary damages, such as but not restricted to: 

  • Business interruption, data loss, or other intangible damages; loss of goodwill; profits;
  • The website's unavailability, unlawful use, performance, or nonperformance on your end; 
  • Your personal data or transmissions being accessed or altered without authorization 
  • The performance of any service or its failure; 
  • Blunders or misinformation on this site or any data, software, goods, or services received through the website; 
  • Any business dealings made via this website; 
  • Any personal damage, including damages to your device or computer system brought on by viruses or other harmful elements, whether it occurs during access to or use of the website in question or any website to which it provides hyperlinks, or as a result of such access or use;
  • Any additional harm produced through the usage of the website, by a delay in using it, because you're unable to use it, or by any data, goods, or services gained through it. 

To the extent permissible by law, the covered parties do not accept liability for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident, or delay caused by a travel service provider's act or omission, including, without limitation, a travel service provider's act of negligence or default, or an act of God. Furthermore, no responsibility is taken for any damage or delay caused by disease, pilferage, labor conflicts, bankruptcy, machinery malfunction, quarantine, government restraints, weather, terrorism, or other factors beyond the covered parties' control. The liability limitations apply independently of the form of action, whether based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, or otherwise, and even if a covered party has been notified of the likelihood of damages. Furthermore, the travel service providers are not agents or employees of the covered parties, but rather independent contractors.

No authorized party shall be liable for any kind of travel service vendor's failure to follow through with this agreement, or with relevant federal, state, provincial, and local legislation. The preceding does not impact any liability that cannot be eliminated or limited under applicable legislation. Any further expense, failures, delays, failure to establish connections, re-routing, or activities of any governmental entity are not acknowledged. No covered party shall be liable for any travel service provider's breach of any warranty, including, but not limited to, implied assurances of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, nor shall any of the covered party be liable for whatever other wrongdoing of a travel service provider (including any tort liability) in relation to any goods and services made available by way of this website. 


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its affiliates, licensors and service providers, and its and their respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, licensors, suppliers, successors and assigns from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, judgments, awards, losses, costs, expenses or fees (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of or relating to your violation of these Terms of Use or your use of the Website, including, but not limited to, your User Contributions, any use of the Website's content, services and products other than as expressly authorized in these Terms of Use or your use of any information obtained from the Website.

Users consent to safeguarding the Company, its affiliates, licensors, and service providers, as well as their officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, licensors, suppliers, successors, and assigns, from and against airline debit memos or credit card chargebacks resulting from or connected to:

  • If there are any problems associated with the following airline, hotel or rental car service company.
  • If anyone with direct access to your credit card—family, friends, coworkers, or other—uses it to make any illicit purchases.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Essentially, we reserve the right to bring any legal action, moving forward, or suit in opposition to you for infringement of these Terms of Use in the country where you live or any other relevant country. However, any legal action, proceeding, or suit arising out of or related to these Terms of Use or the disputed website will only be heard in the federal court systems of the United States or the courts of the State of New York, both of which are located in New York City. You forfeit your right to contest the legitimacy of the courts' decision-making and the location of their hearings.

In the absence of any choice- or conflict-of-law provisions, any applicable law or regulation All matters relating to the Website and these Terms of Use, and any controversy or claim arising therefrom or corresponding thereto (in each case, including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of New York (whether of the State of New York or any other jurisdiction).


We know that Customer satisfaction is the top most priority for our Company. We will make an effort to settle any issues or disagreements you may have. You may pursue your claim as described in this section if we are unsuccessful. By sending notice to us at the following address:, you agree to give us a chance to resolve any issue, disagreement, or claim relating in any way to the Company Website, any interactions with our customer service representatives, the acquisition, use, or performance of any services or goods made available through the Website, any statements made by the Company, or our Privacy Policy (collectively, "Claims"). You can bring a small disputes lawsuit or file seeking arbitration if our company is unwilling to reach an agreement on those disputes within 60 days, according to the instructions below.

PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THIS PROVISION. It prohibits you from pursuing a class action or similar proceeding in any forum and mandates that any and all claims be resolved through binding arbitration or in small claims court. ANY Action Regarding THE CORPORATION, ITS SUBSIDIARIES OR AFFILIATES, OR ANY AND ALL TRAVEL SERVICE Companies OR COMPANIES providing SERVICES OR Goods From THE WEBSITE MAY BE SUBJECT TO THESE LIMITATIONS.

A DISPUTE IS Addressed BY AN ARBITRATOR IN ARBITRATION, Without A JUDGE OR JURY. In most cases, the verdict of the arbitrator will be final, binding, and appealable in no way. Procedures in arbitration can sometimes be restricted than in judgment.

When you access the Website, you, any Third-party, and the Organization agree that any the Claim, which includes allegations concerning the scope of application or authenticity of this arbitration provision, will be finally resolved merely by means of final and enforceable arbitration ingested by the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") using New York law, except that no Claim may be that are brought or arbitrated as a collective claim or consolidated with a different individual's Claim, or move forward on a basis involving multiple parties. The present agreement applies to and includes every single one of the Claims, including Claims that occurred previous to the date of this agreement's execution.

Anything State that is underneath the realm of the court's authority and proceeds on a case-by-case basis may, instead of being resolved through arbitration, be brought by you, any Third Party, along with the Organization in a court with a small claims court sitting in the the federal government judicial the region which contains the billing address of you or the corresponding Third Party at the time the Claim is made. This Arbitration section must be followed in order to resolve any claims you or a Third party make against the Company, its affiliates, subsidiaries, travel service providers, or businesses selling goods or services on the Website. Every claim that is filed or asserted in violation of this section will be regarded as having been filed unconstitutionally and null.

In order to start the arbitration process, you must send a written Notice of Dispute ("Notice") to Amsaro Inc DBA Farebarber  8704 58TH AVE ELMHURST NY 11373, via certified mail. The notice must (i) outline the nature and grounds of the claim, and (ii) specify the type of remedy demanded. You or a Third Party may start an arbitration action if the Company and you, or the Company and any other Third Party, are unable to come to an agreement to resolve the Claim within 60 days of receiving the Notice. Any settlement offer made during the arbitration shall not be disclosed to the arbitrator until the arbitrator has established the amount, if any, to which you, any Third Party, or the Company is entitled.

Kindly users pay attention that The arbitration shall take place at a location chosen by AAA in accordance with the Rules and Procedures (provided that such location is reasonably convenient for you or any Third Party asserting a Claim), or at any other location that may be mutually agreed upon.

For the purpose of litigating any such Claim that is not covered by the arbitration provision and is not brought in small claims court, you hereby consent to the personal jurisdiction of such courts and submit to their personal jurisdiction. You also agree that any such Claim shall be resolved individually, without turning to any form of class action. You further agree that the laws of the State of New York shall govern any and all Claims or other matters asserted in such dispute, regardless of whether they are based on a contract, tort, statute, or other legal theory, and without regard to any provisions that might cause the laws of another jurisdiction to apply. The United States District Court of New York or, if there is no federal jurisdiction over the action, the courts of the State of New York located in New York City must receive any Claim that is determined not to be subject to arbitration and proceeds in a court other than small claims court. 

If user and any other person or any third parties also agree that not one lawsuit or advancing (whether brought under this provision or otherwise) against the company, its subsidiaries or affiliates, or any travel service providers or businesses offering goods or services through the website, may be brought as a class action, consolidated with another person's claim, or founded on claims triggered in an allegedly indicative capacity (either on behalf of the general public or other users or persons). Any and all claim-resolution actions will only be handled on a person-by-person basis. Furthermore, without the express authorization in writing of the parties, no arbitration proceeding under this clause may be combined with or integrated in any way with any additional arbitration case. In such cases if a customer is unable to pay a fee then we will take care of it on behalf of the customer.

We imply that, notwithstanding any other provision of law or any rules and procedures established by AAA to the contrary, The Company shall not be entitled to seek reimbursement for any legal fees it has incurred in connection with any Complaint the arbitrator finds to be non-frivolous.

The remaining provisions of this arbitration provision shall stay in consequence and be interpreted in compliance with its terms and conditions as if the invalid, unconstitutional, illegal, or conflicting provision hadn't existed, alongside the notable exception of the representative action waiver set forth above. However, if the above-mentioned collective action waiver is determined to be defective, unenforceable, or illegal, the entirety of the arbitration clause included herein will be deemed worthless, and neither you nor anyone else nor any Third Party, nor the Company, shall have the opportunity to seek arbitration for their disagreement. By visiting or calling 1-800-778-7879, the AAA can be contacted for arbitration rules and forms.

You and any such third party are prohibited from continuing to buy products or provide services on this website if you or they contact us by at that point that you are against the legally enforceable arbitration provision, unless and until the firm notifies you or they otherwise. The business has the right to forbid any future purchases of goods or services from you or the other party on this platform. 

Any User or any other party have to alert the firm through written notification by registered or insured mail within a period of thirty days of your booking or reservations or prior to when you start using any products or services you bought on this website, however comes first, if you determine not to agree to this binding arbitration provision. Such notice is required to be delivered to the specific notice address listed here.

Severability and Waiver

Any user who has a claim or cause of action relating to the aforementioned terms of use including the website needs to bring it within a period of one year of the claim being made or the reason of action generating; otherwise, the claim or cause of action is permanently barred and we are unable to take any further action.

No relinquishment by the organization of any of the terms or conditions set forth in the aforementioned Conditions of Make use of shall be perceived a further or moving forward waiver of the aforementioned term or circumstances or a waiver of any additional clause or condition, and no delay or failure on the part of the Company in exercising any right or provision hereunder shall be deemed a waiver of any such right or provision.

Restrictions on When to File Claims

Any user who has a claim or cause of action relating to the aforementioned terms of use including the website needs to bring it within a period of one year of the claim being made or the reason of action generating; otherwise, the claim or cause of action is permanently barred and we are unable to take any further action.

Entire Agreement

We would like to inform those who use our site that the Terms of Use, our Privacy Statement, and the Terms of Sale represent the final and entire comprehension of between them and our company, Farebarber, with regard to the Website and supersede any and all prior and immediately preceding understandings, agreements, representations, and warranties, whether written or oral, with respect to the Website. The parties reaffirm their express understanding that all documents whether directly or indirectly relating to this agreement and all connected documents shall be in the English language. 

Comments and Concerns

We want to inform our users that This website is controlled by Amsaro Inc DBA Farebarber,  8704 58TH AVE ELMHURST NY 11373.

We would like to inform All that any notice of copyright or any infringement claims must be submitted on the email id

And rest of all feedback, any comments, seek technical help and other things related with the Website should be sent to:

General Terms of The Travel Services 

We want to inform our users. Please be aware that traveling to some places may be riskier than traveling to others. YOU AGREE AND REPRESENT THAT YOU COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE FOREIGN ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND HOLD ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTS. Before making travel arrangements to another country, the company strongly advises you to study any travel restrictions, notices, warnings, or cautions made by the US government.

Users can find such Information about the international places at the following websites:,,, and Regarding possible foreign entry requirements, more information can be found at the following address: For travel warnings and advisories from the State Department, more information can be found at the following address: For foreign health requirements and dangers. If you want to know more about the places in such case you can visit at the following address: 

The website of the United States Department of Transportation states that disinsection is permissible under international laws in order to save the environment, agriculture, and public health. Two methods for aircraft disinsection are recommended by the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization: 

(1)While passengers are aboard, spray an aerosol pesticide in the cabin of the airplane. or 

(2) Use a residual pesticide to saturate or treat the inside surfaces of the aircraft.  While no passengers are present. American Samoa has implemented a third technique that involves spraying an aerosolized insecticide onto an aircraft when no passengers are present. Despite the fact that the World Health Organization-sponsored Informal Consultation on Aircraft Disinsection (November 6–10, 1995) reported that, if carried out properly, aircraft disinsection would not pose a risk to human health. The paper also mentioned that some people might feel slightly uncomfortable after an aerosol application causes an aircraft disinsection. A government may impose a disinsection requirement in accordance with the Chicago Convention, which regulates international civil aviation, if it sees a harm to its environment, agriculture, or public health. As a result, if you have any queries concerning the policy at your final destination or when making flight tickets, you should get in touch with your travel agent or airline reservations representative. We would like to inform our customers that they must visit the Department of Transportation website at the website URL give below to know more about disinsection, If you want to review a list of airline and and to view a list of nations contacts for disinsection, Kindly visit at the following link:

We want to inform or tell our users that we are not representing or warranting that travel to certain international destinations is prudent or risk-free, and we or any of our subsidiaries are not responsible for any kind of losses or damages that can arise from travel to any such locations by offering or facilitating travel to such international locations.

Policy of Currency and Exchange Rates

There are a number of factors, including your IP address and possibly the currency you choose as you complete a purchase on the Website, payments can frequently take place in multiple currencies. Following the check out, customers will be debited in the currency displayed. The charge to your debit or credit card or the estimated charge amount we provide you, dependent on the necessary exchange rate in force at the point when you make the booking compared to the currency exchange rate in effect at the time the charge is reflected on your credit or debit card statement, may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations if you use a debit or credit card to make a purchase through the Website. It could be calculated via third-party application programming interfaces or any other techniques we might choose to use in the future. In the event that we decide to credit your account, we will reimburse the whole sum in the currency that was originally charged.

In the event that your debit or credit card bill differs as a result of an exchange rate change, we will not be held liable. Some financial institutions and credit card providers charge transaction fees, including those for cross-border transactions. The payment amount may be converted to your local currency by your bank at an additional cost to you. This implies that the amount on your credit or bank card statement may be displayed in your local currency and may differ from the amount indicated on the billing summary page for a reservation made on the Website. Additionally, if the bank that issued your credit card is situated outside of the United States of America, a foreign transaction fee may be imposed without restriction. The bank or card company might classify making a reservation for an international trip as an international transaction. Your bank alone determines the currency exchange rate and foreign transaction fee. Please get in touch with your bank if you have any issues about these costs or the exchange rate used for your reservation.

Credit/Debit Cards

Below, we have mentioned points regarding Credit/debit cards.

  • We as a company accept credit/debit cards from the USA, Canada, and a number of other nations. Additionally permitted are billing addresses for AE/AP.
  • If a transaction is flagged as high risk by our analytical tools, we could choose not to process it in order to protect your privacy online. We reserve the right to process these transactions only once our credit card verification team has determined that they are secure. In order for us to confirm the legitimacy of such transactions, we may get in touch with you, your bank, or the provider of your credit/debit card.
  • Subsequently, it deserves to be noted that the credit or debit card you use may be invoiced for a number of charges that together make up the total and final amount that you're required to pay.
  • Please be aware that you may only accept or reject this transaction after receiving notification of the change. Your credit or debit card will not be charged if you decide not to proceed with this transaction. According to the ultimate success of the process of making payments, there may be changes to the airfare pricing or other details that will be communicated to you. 
  • Customers will be informed within 24 hours if, for any reason, your credit/debit card or any other form of payment is not accepted or processed. It can take longer than 24 hours if you use a payment method other than a credit or debit card.
  • Bookings for hotels and rental cars are only to be taken into consideration as confirmed once full validation details have been received to the email address you specified at the date and time when you booked the reservation. You might need to pay in advance for some reservations in order to get your approval.

Offers and Discounts

Customers should take care that Promotional codes may be discontinued at any time, and the discount's value is subject to change without notice. These special codes may only be used once per customer. Depending on which is lower, the value of the discount will be calculated up to the total service fees charged for that particular transaction or up to the value of the appropriate promotional code per transaction. When making a purchase, promotional coupons must be only flight reservations that are eligible for promo codes. Promotional codes that are posted online, received via newsletters, shared on social media, or distributed through other marketing channels can be used to receive discounts on the costs of our services. Promo codes cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

There are some points related with Promo codes and customers should know it.

  • On rare occasions, Farebarber will disseminate discount codes for online travel booking and reservations. On the other hand, some Farebarber coupons can only be used over the phone by getting in contact with our customer service team.
  • If you'd like to get discount coupons by email, please subscribe to our newsletters.
  • The total amount of our service fee and/or "Traveler Assist" fee is the maximum discount that can be obtained with Fare Barber promo codes.
  • A valid promo code must be submitted in the promo code section shown on the payment page in order to be rewarded with the value of the discount. The discounted price cannot be used if the voucher code is entered incorrectly and has no value. You reserve the right to halt the acquisition of the good or service if a technical issue results in the code not being accepted or the discount coupon section being hidden. However, the code may never be used after the sale or purchase has been completed.
  • Pay Attention Fare Barber only issues non-transferable promotional codes. They cannot be bartered or sold further. They have no monetary worth.
  • Only the option to refuse the purchase is available for problems brought on by technological issues. The promotional codes that Farebarber offers are subject to alteration and may be removed at any time and without previous notice.
  • The promo code will lose its validity once a promotion is discontinued. The promotional code will not be accepted by the website's system. Following that, you can decide whether to complete your reservation at the original cost or not.
  • The promo code offer is on our transaction service fees only. The discount applicable varies depending upon the transaction service fees charged for that particular ticket or travel reservation. The discount value will be calculated up to the amount of the service fees charged for that particular transaction or up to the promo code's value per transaction, depending on whichever amount is less.
  • The total displayed (whether or not it includes a promotional code) will be what is charged or billed. There won't be any credits or discounts given after the purchase for any reason, and the promo codes issued by Farebarber are unable to be added with any other discount or offers.
  • The promotional code deal is only applicable to our processing service fees. The available discount varies according to the transaction service costs assessed for that specific ticket or trip reservation. Depending on which number is less, the discount value will be determined up to the sum of the service fees assessed for that specific transaction or up to the value of the applicable promotional code per transaction.
  • In the event that there is an error in the promo code value, we reserve the right to refuse and decline any transaction, even after a booking has been completed and a booking receipt has been issued.

Booking Services

Each of the conditions in this Reservation Services paragraph applies to anyone who uses this site in order to book travel services and supplements the information in the Farebarber terms and conditions for Use. The remaining Terms of Use continue to be in their entirety and in effect. All visitors to our website agree to adhere to the regulations and conditions of any Travel Service Supplier (such as airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, etc.) providing solutions associated with your use of the Website and any purchases made on or via the Website.

You are aware that breaking any of these Travel Service Provider's policies, guidelines, and/or terms of purchase could lead to the cancellation of your reservation or purchase, denial of access to a flight, hotel room, or car, forfeiture of any money you paid for the reservation or purchase, and a charge to your account from the Company for any costs the Company incurs as a result of or related to the violation. Whether such a Travel Vendor is chosen by you or by the Company, you are responsible for making all payments when they are due and according to the Travel Service Provider's policies on the accessibility and use of fares, goods, and services. Remember, Any cost associated with using the website, including fees, duties, taxes, and/or assessments, is solely and entirely your responsibility.

You mean customers or visitors acknowledge that if a travel service provider files for bankruptcy, reorganizes, becomes insolvent, dissolves, or liquidates, you will only have recourse against that travel service provider and not the business. The performance or nonperformance of any travel provider of services, including, but not limited to, nonperformance brought on by bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, dissolution, or liquidation, whether depending in agreement, negligence, strict responsibility, or other theories, and notwithstanding the organization's understanding of the possibility of the aforementioned losses. 

Considering the appropriateness of disabled people for any reservation, the organization has no particular expertise. Please get in touch with the travel vendor directly for clarification on whether disabled people are qualified to make any reservations.

Booking Terms of Airline 

Rules, Travel Plan Changes and Price Changes

The terms of the applicable airlines and its offering's published conditions of carriage and other restrictions, such as but not limited to cancellation policies and other terms of use, are applicable to airline tickets made available through the website. The appropriate airline and the person traveling will be parties to the contract of carriage that is in effect with that airline at the time it is issued. Airlines reserve the right to change flight times and itineraries at any time; this could lead to itineraries that violate the Company's contractual commitments. Flights or itineraries may also be modified or canceled at the airlines' discretion.

The company makes an effort to publish and maintain correct rates along with data for its transportation services, and the airlines give the company the price and other relevant information for these services. The Company and/or the airline reserve the right to deny or cancel any requests made for such services prior to charging your method of payment in the event that a product or service is listed by or supplied to the Company at a wrong cost or with inaccurate details due to a typographical error or others error in the cost or information about the service received from an airline.

Code Share Agreements

In order to operate together, certain other airlines and airlines frequently enter into "code share" arrangements. Consequently, on some routes, the airline selling or marketing the flight does not actually fly its own aircraft to the destination; rather, a partner airline is contracted to fly to the destination. Usually, "operated by" is used to indicate the partner airline. It is recommended to confirm your flight check-in location with your ticketing carrier even though you will normally check in with your "operating" airline.

Frequent Traveler Points

If customers are Frequent traveler awards, upgrades, vouchers and other discounts or incentives, then it is not applicable to the Company’s airline services. Kind use it to respective airlines flight booking.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous items are prohibited from being introduced on board aircraft in checked baggage or on the passenger's person, in accordance with the federal regulations. Depending on the situation, a violation can result in up to 10 years in jail and fines of $250,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124). Corrosives, radioactive compounds, compressed gasses, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, explosives, and poisons are examples of hazardous substances. Tear gas, fireworks, paints, lighter fluid, oxygen bottles, and radiopharmaceuticals are a few examples. A limited number (up to 70 pounds total) of toiletries and medications transported in baggage as well as specialized accessories for smoking carried on your person are given special exemption. For more information, visit

Flight Segments

There are many airlines that insist the flight vouchers be used in an order that is particular. If you don't cancel any component of the itinerary for the flight or journey you aren't going to utilize before any segment of your itinerary or journey departs, you may be compelled to forfeit the whole amount of the plane ticket or any less valuable portion, contingent on the necessary airline's rules for the fare that you've purchased. This particular scenario is true for airlines that only allow use of a ticket for one flight portion.

Paper Ticket Fees

There are some third-party providers that may charge you service fees (for using travel agencies, for example). These service charges may be assessed on a per-ticket basis or vary depending on the vendor or agency. Shipping and handling costs can apply if your itinerary calls for the issuance of paper tickets. You can be charged an extra handling fee if your tickets are returned due to rerouting or being unable to deliver.

Tax and Fee Charges on Published Price Airline Tickets

Your ticket price is calculated using the tax rates that are in place at the time you buy it. Customers are responsible for increases in tax rates that go back in time. For the purpose of calculating the cost of your trip, applicable government taxes, fees, and airline charges are either already included in your fare or are listed individually on your checkout page. 

If you do foreign trips, there may also be departure and entry costs that are not already included in your trip total or that are itemized individually on your checkout page. Airline itineraries with published prices that use multiple carriers may be subject to a non-refundable charge per ticket. On some international flights, additional fees such as those for baggage, entry or exit, paper tickets, itinerary changes, cancellations, or refunds, may also be charged. The Company shall in no event be liable for any tax (other than its own income tax), duty, or fee.

Changes of Itinerary

If authorized by the corresponding airline's fare restrictions, itinerary alterations may incur a change fee. These change fees are assessed on a per-ticket basis and vary depending on the market, the airline, and the specific fare rule; nonetheless, they commonly range between $75.00 and $300.00 (USD). These fees for itinerary modifications could be exceeded, and they might not even be possible. Any applicable difference in ticket prices is charged in addition to these change fees. The Company may charge you additional processing costs for any modifications you make to your itinerary.

Prohibited Practices

You mean customers agree not to buy a ticket (or tickets) that include travel segments you won't use, like "point-beyond," "hidden-city," or "back-to-back" tickets, if allowed by the relevant airline. Additionally, unless the relevant airline expressly permits it, you agree not to buy a round-trip ticket that you intend to use exclusively for one-way travel. You understand that the majority of airlines forbid any such activities or tickets, and that companies are unable to guarantee that the appropriate airline will recognize your ticket(s) if you choose to engage in such activities. You consent to hold the Covered Parties harmless any airline claims for the difference between the complete cost of your actual itinerary and the price of the ticket(s) you bought, whether based on these prohibited practices or any other.


Most of the time, we don't refund any of our plane tickets. When an airline permits a cancellation, the traveler may use the credit to buy a ticket on the same airline in the future. The airline supplier often assigns the credit a particular expiration date after which it can no longer be used. We strongly advise you to talk to a customer service representative about any extra credit constraints you may have. By calling our customer care center, you must cancel any such reservations for which cancellations are possible before the first flight segment's planned departure time. 

We are unable to offer cancellation guarantees. When you're ready to make a new reservation and want to take advantage of your airline credit, you'll need to pay the cost difference (if any), any applicable airline fines, and any post-ticketing fees levied by Farebarber. Each airline's fare rules, policies, and procedures, which are outside of our control, govern all such adjustments.

No other guarantee is made for the exchange fees other than that an agent will help you find the new flights you want and make an effort to rebook them depending on availability and other considerations.

Multiple Airlines Itineraries 

Please carefully read the terms and conditions of each airline, which may be found on each one's website, if your itinerary contains flights run by more than one. Each of these airlines will be subject to its own limitations, charges, and policies. The customer may be liable for any fees or ticket costs spent for making adjustments to the unaffected flight if one of these travels is affected by a scheduling change (such as cancellation or rescheduled) that necessitates changing the other journey. For requests for adjustments, refunds, or swaps, these airlines may impose their own fees. The rules and conditions of each airline, which can vary (for instance, check-in hours and baggage size/weight restrictions), are your responsibility. For all flights, it is advised that you print your departure and landing sections of your e-ticket verification before leaving. At check-in, you could be requested to show identification or a return ticket.

Cancel and Refund

After 24 hours of booking, the majority of our airline tickets, hotels, prepaid car rentals, holiday packages, and service fees are non-refundable. If you have called our customer care center to cancel and your travel has not yet started, trip protection insurance is refundable within ten days of your purchase. Only telephone cancellations are permitted. Only once the aforementioned requirements have been satisfied will we consider refund requests:

You have requested a cancellation and refund with us, provided that the fare rules allow for such requests; you are not a "no show" (most "no show" bookings are not eligible for any waivers from suppliers for the processing of refunds); and we are able to obtain waivers from suppliers to carry out this requested cancellation and refund.

As for how long it might take to process this requested refund, we are unable to give a precise timeline. Refund requests for all transactions are handled sequentially. We will send you an email to let you know that your request has been received after you have given our customer service representative your cancellation request. Your eligibility for a refund is not guaranteed by this notification. This merely gives you a tracking number and acknowledges that your request has been received. Upon receiving your request, we will work with the suppliers, such as the flights, hotels, and car rental agencies, to produce a waiver based on the restrictions of the airlines and other suppliers, and we will let you know the outcome of the supplier decision.

The initial travel booking or reservation fees paid to us are not refundable. Please be aware that we rely on our suppliers to provide us with the requested refunds. It can take some time after the provider has accepted the refund before it appears on your credit card statement. All vendors typically impose a fee for refunds. From the time your request is received until you see a credit on your bill, the full process could take 60 to 90 days. In addition to the penalties for airline and other supplier refunds, Farebarber may impose a post-ticketing services fee, as necessary. 

Every refund cost is assessed per passenger and per ticket. Only when the airline/supplier rules allow for such returns and a refund has been allowed through the vendor or a waiver has been submitted will these costs be applied. We will refund you our post-ticketing service fees relevant to your agent-assisted refund request, but not our booking fees for the initial trip reservation or booking, if the supplier does not process the refund.

Cancellation Password - Booking cancellations cannot be made via email or web chat for your protection; they must be made over the phone. When you ask Farebarber to cancel a reservation on your behalf, one of our employees will send you an email to the address you provided when the reservation was placed with a special Cancellation Password. To complete your cancellation request, please tell our representatives the cancellation password when prompted. We might not be able to complete your cancellation request if you are unable to access your email or supply your cancellation password. After being issued, the cancellation password will expire in three hours. Please give us another call if your cancellation password expired before we could execute your request so that we can provide you a new cancellation password.

There are some points which should be read by users.

  • Once 24 hours have passed, there is no reimbursement for the cost of the airline tickets or the booking fees.
  • During cancellation and refund the relevant airline applies to any cancellation made after 24 hours. There will, however, be a cancellation fee.
  • Flight Tickets can be canceled by the customers in between 24 hours of flight reservations without any dedication but you must call us. 
  • During a no-show, the airline forfeits the entire amount of the ticket and there are no refunds or transfers allowed. Please let us know at least 4 hours before the flight's departure to avoid no-show.
  • Changes to the traveler name(s) aren't allowed once a ticket has been purchased, per airline regulation. There are additional constraints and airline-specific specifications that must be respected while modifying the itinerary.
  • Following the moment of buying, as well as tickets across all low-cost airlines that are booked within the first seven days (168 hours) of the scheduled departure are not refundable.

Customers should take care that The sum paid is not refundable in any way for reservations for hotels and rental cars. Although it's possible that the booking fees for hotels and rental cars would be refundable.

Customers should take care that all kinds of cancellations such as airline tickets, hotel, and rental vehicle booking must only be done over the phone. Requests for refunds will only be granted if the following requirements are met:

  • Customer to notice that A non-refundable booking fee applies to all reservations. The amount of the booking refund varies, nevertheless, depending on the service provider.
  • A customer can cancel their flight in the last hour, and the used portion can not be refunded. Booking and MMS fees are not refundable.
  • A "no show" occurs when a passenger is not at the airport when the flight is scheduled to leave and does not alert the airline of their absence. The majority of the time, the provider will not grant a waiver regarding refund processing in the case of a "no show" reservation.
  • As we handle the written request for cancellation and reimbursement, we have the ability to obtain waivers from suppliers. However, it's probable that we won't always be able to.
  • We can not give any time frame relation to the process of the requested refund, and service fees are not refundable.
  • We depend on our supplier's decision during the refund process.
  • Calling is the only legitimate way for a refund. So, Customers should call us for a refund.

Seats, Meals, Frequent Flyer and Other Special Requests

Kindly understand that any unusual demands you undertake, for example for seats, meals, points for frequent fliers, or whatever else, are simply considered requests. If you cancel, there is going to be no return of both the $10 service fee we charged you and the paid seat fees we charged you for making the customized request on your behalf. The claim to which the seat(s) you reserved will be handed over to you is made without any liability on our part. Furthermore, we are unable to ensure that the airline is going to comply with your individual requests for meals, loyalty points, or other items. It is therefore strongly suggested that you get in touch with the relevant airline immediately to acquire a confirmation of these inquiries before the scheduled flight leaves.

Baggage Policy and Fees

Traveling light is highly advised in order to avoid spending money on baggage fees because airlines are currently charging for even the first checked bag. Customers should Visit our luggage Fees page to learn more about each airline's luggage charge. If you bring more luggage than you need for your vacation, the airline and its baggage policies may require you to pay an over baggage fee. Each airline has a different baggage policy, and depending on the number, size, and weight of bags, the cost might reach $200. However, our service fee up to $12 and the luggage fee for select flights are not refundable in the event of a cancellation. We make sure that customers may access the most up-to-date information on the cost of checked bags, but it is strongly encouraged that you speak with the airline directly to learn about their most recent baggage regulations.

Baggage and Other Fees

For particular amenities and/or whenever you go above predetermined limits (for instance, bags weight restrictions), certain airline companies may charge you extra costs at the airport. Furthermore, a number of airlines don't allow customers to check additional bags. For comprehensive details about its luggage policies and any other charges that may apply, every company that has been investigated throughout the procedure for booking should be contacted directly.

Web Check-in

Beyond constraining any other conditions of sale, by selecting the option of automatic web check-in with the purchase of a ticket, the customer consents to being bound by the terms and conditions of the airline as well as any additional regulations that may apply and authorizes Farebarber to acknowledge them on the customer's behalf at the date and time of check-in.

Round Trip/One Way/Multi-city

A participating airline is responsible for adhering to all laws and regulations. The regulations and guidelines that apply to each participating airline may vary.

Combo Fare

  • Includes two or more one-way tickets; the terms and conditions vary depending on the airline for each ticket.
  • Any modifications or cancellations made to one ticket do not affect modifications made to any other ticket, which incurs a separate fee. Any itinerary modifications or cancellations must be covered by the consumer.

The upgrade bonus includes:

  • On Seat selection
  • Carry-on bags
  • General boarding

The travel plan consists of two or more one-way tickets, accompanied by various terms and conditions for every one of them depending on the airline. It is important to make changes to each ticket independently in order to successfully modify the itinerary, and each ticket will be liable to a distinct change charge.

Entry/Exit Fees

There may be costs to enter and possibly leave certain countries or airports. These costs are not covered by the airfare price or the charges and taxes that we list on our website. You confirm that you are held responsible for collecting all related fees. Visit before your trip for more details on entry and possibly exit fees for certain countries.

Hotel Booking Terms


It is not guaranteed that hotels will accommodate more than two adults, as some hotels have a maximum occupancy. Additional visitors may incur extra costs if the hotel where you made your reservation does allow them. These added fees differ and are made payable to the hotel straight away, without the business.


A valid form of identification and a cash deposit, credit card, or debit card in the name of the reservation holder are required upon check-in (the amount of credit that can be used necessary will vary by hotel). Depending on the hotel's rules, debit cards could not be authorized for this transaction. Any money that the company has received has nothing to do with this deposit.


Hotels commonly supply us with this data, which we use to manage and publish accurate information and prices related to the services we offer. If a service is marketed or provided to us with false information due to a hotel's error, we have the right to decline or withdraw any requests made for it. No matter whether your order request has been authorized or a charge has been made to your credit card, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel requests for that reason, despite anything to the contrary mentioned in this agreement. We will give a refund if your request is canceled for this reason after you have already been charged for the transaction.

Hotels occasionally offer discounted rates, however these rates may be subject to extra terms and conditions (such as in regards to cancellation and reimbursement for such reservations), thus you should carefully review the room and pricing details before making any reservations.

Late Arrival and Failure to Check-in on First Night

Depending on the terms and conditions that apply to the relevant hotel, if you don't show up at your hotel on the day of your reservation and don't let the hotel know, the hotel may cancel the remaining portion of your stay and may not give you a refund. If you find that you cannot check into your hotel on the date you requested or that your check-in time has been delayed, speak with the hotel immediately and let them know your new travel plans.

Changes to Your Reservation and Cancellations

Different hotels have different cancellation policies. Certain reservations are final and cannot be changed. For some reservations, a cancellation fee is required. Of course, certain reservations have a complete refund policy in case of cancellation. Prior to booking, you should review the hotel's cancellation policy. If the hotel permits modifications to your prepaid reservation, any changes or cancellations might only be authorized with the booking of a new reservation with that hotel. You agree that under no circumstances will the Company be obligated to issue any refunds.

Must be 21 Years of Age

You must be at least 21 years old to check into the hotel, as stated on the reservation.


If you need to bring a service animal or otherwise require special accommodations due to a disability, you should check with the hotel beforehand before making a reservation.

Mandatory Fee

The reservation fees listed on the website do not include resort fees. A resort fee may be charged by some hotels at check-in. The price you paid on our website only includes the base tariff and taxes for the accommodations and extras you selected.

Hotel Accommodations and Special Requests

Depending on the property and the type of reservation, the hotel may not honor requests for certain rooms or beds. These assignments are frequently made solely at the hotel's discretion based on the availability of rooms and beds. We can't make any promises about the room, the bed, or any other preferences or requests you might have (such smoking or no smoking, for example). Before making any requests, you must first personally confirm with the hotel that they can be met. You acknowledge that the Company has no control over these problems and is unable to assist you in this matter.

Hotel Star Ratings (General)

Please note that the Company's hotel rating system is provided just as a guide. We may assign hotel ratings in a different way than other rating systems you may be accustomed to. We make no warranties or guarantees regarding the comparability, equality, or any conformance of our system to any other hotel rating systems. We reserve the right, based on our system, to change any hotel rating at any time, with or without prior notice to you or the hotel.

Terms and Condition for Rental Car Booking


All vehicle rentals made possible through the Website are governed by the standard rental agreement of the relevant car rental agency. This agreement must be completed when you pick up your vehicle. If you would like to review the specifics of such an arrangement, you should speak with the pertinent Travel Service Provider directly. The corporation is not a participant in this kind of a contract.

In the event that your request is subsequently canceled and you have already been charged for the transaction, we will reimburse you in full. We routinely obtain this data from companies that hire cars, and we make an effort to maintain and publish accurate data and costs for the services we offer. In the event that a rental car company's fault results in false information being published or given to us, we reserve the right to reject or revoke any requests made for a service. Without limiting anything else in this document, in light of the aforementioned, we reserve the right to reject or revoke any such requests, regardless of whether your order request was approved or a charge was made to your credit card. Please be advised that although a reservation was made for a rental car with a retail price disclosed, the Company is not the merchant of record and does not charge your credit card. Instead, your credit card will be used to guarantee the reservation, and when you pick up the car, the rental car company will let you know what you can expect to pay in full. The total sum you must pay the rental car company may vary based on any special requests you make and extras you choose to purchase at the time of pickup.

The rental car company may also charge you a different cost if you deviate from the schedule you have reserved (for example, if you pick up or return the car later). When picking up the rental car, you must present a valid driver's license and a credit card that is in your name. Specific makes, models, and autos are not guaranteed; the listed car brands and models are just provided as examples. Because of this, neither the rental car company nor we are able to guarantee your reservation requests. It's crucial to understand that the Company is not the vendor in charge of collecting and delivering taxes to the proper taxing authorities. The suppliers of the Company's rental cars bill the Company for all applicable taxes, and the Company pays the Vendors the respective amounts. The supplier we work with to book consumers' travel arrangements and itineraries is not a co-supplier of the Company. The way taxes are actually imposed, the appropriate tax rate, and the types of taxes that are applicable are all highly influenced by location.

Terms and Condition for Featured Airport Parking

We serve as an agent for the highlighted parking service provider. This implies that you have a solely direct relationship with the highlighted parking service provider and are consequently bound by both their terms and conditions and those of our website.

  • It can be necessary to include when making a reservation the make, type, and registration number of the vehicle to which the booking refers.
  • We'll give you a confirmation with all the details after you make a reservation with us. If you do not receive the email, you must notify us right away. You won't receive a refund if you fail to show up or cancel less than 24 hours before your anticipated arrival at the parking lot.
  • Ensure that you are carrying your voucher for the booking confirmation and/or the booking reference with you when you fly. This will enable the service provider to identify you as a Farebarber parking customer and validate the specifics of your reservation.
  • You must actually possess the credit card that was used to make the reservation.
  • The person guaranteeing and representing in the contract with the featured parking service is the one who has been granted permission to keep the vehicle.
  • The parking lot in question accepts liability for any carelessness that is established. Claims cannot be considered after your car has left its location.

Parking Requirements

  • Please double check that you have the arrival instructions given on your ticket confirmation. You must obtain this information before departing for the airport; Farebarber or the featured car park service provider will not be held liable for any missed reservations, flights, or other problems resulting due to the client's inability to do so accordingly.
  • You must check in at the parking lot check-in facility by the time shown on your booking confirmation. If a customer is not on time or early enough to meet aircraft arrivals and departures, Farebarber and the advertised car park service provider are not liable.
  • Kindly make sure you have everything with you before you park the car. Only give the responsible person the keys and/or codes they need to move your automobile when they ask for them.


  • The listed parking service provider will receive full payment for completing the reservation.
  • Your payment method will be debited twice for the reservation. Once by Farebarber at the time of booking and once by the parking service provider specified.
  • Any promotional, introductory, or discounted rate may be canceled at any time, and we have the right to change our rates as necessary. This will not have an effect on any reservations made prior to the change. 
  • The relevant rate will be specified in your booking confirmation.
  • All parking charges must be paid in full before your car may be removed from the parking lot we've marked. We shall be entitled to retain a vehicle until all monies due have been paid. We do not accept payments made by check.

Amex Card Discount Terms & Conditions

  • The 2% off total discount is only available to Amex credit card holders.
  • The discount is valid on the total fare, including any additional fees.
  • The aforementioned discount does not apply to all fares.
  • The discount will only be applied to the amount paid with the Amex card if a user has paid a portion of the bill with that card and the remaining balance with another card.
  • The discount does not apply if a user chooses to pay through UpLift.

Cancellation Policy

  • While booking, make sure to verify the conditions of booking for cancellation and payment. Different payment, cancellation, and amendment terms and restrictions apply to each service advertised on this website.
  • The customer understands that Farebarber may need to terminate parking services due to industrial action, a lack of parking spots, technical issues, or any other occurrence outside of Farebarber reasonable control. Under no circumstances will Farebarber be responsible for any losses a customer may suffer as a result of any such occurrence or event.
  • If you want to cancel, you must do it via our website.
  • If the fare regulations permit cancellations and refunds while requesting a cancellation and refund through us.

Modifications to the Terms of Use

We would like to inform everyone that, at our sole discretion, we may occasionally alter and revise these Terms and policies to make it beneficial and useful for all our customers. Every modification is effective the moment it is posted and is applicable to all future access and use of the website. You acknowledge and agree that the amended Terms of Use are now in effect by continuing to use the Website after their posting. You are responsible for checking this page whenever you access the Website to be informed of any changes because they are legally binding on you, and we can make these changes without any prior notice. So, to keep yourself updated with our terms and policies keep visiting our website.